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There’s no doubt about it; fitness has become mainstream once again during these past few years. Although there is nothing wrong about motivating people to hit the gym, not all recommendations are safe nor healthy. Therefore, the following list includes some of the more harmful fitness trends you should avoid.

The Ab Crack Line

Just because something looks great, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. One of the more popular trends at the moment is the ab crack line. This is a verticle line that runs down a person’s stomach when they have a six-pack. Although some people naturally have the line and it’s simply in their genetics, it is not a healthy nor safe thing to attempt to obtain. This is because this line often forms when someone is both low in body fat and has not build-up their core-muscles properly. In fact, doctors call this outcome of a weak core diastasis recti.

The Thigh Gap

You’ve probably seen it all over the magazine counter, social media, and even on billboards, the thigh gap. It’s exactly what it sounds, a gap between your thighs. This alarming trend has caused many young girls and women to lower their body percentage so much that they achieve this look. However, the fact is that many women won’t be able to achieve this look simply because of how a women’s body is built. A women’s body tends to carry most of its fat beneath the waist, which includes the thighs. Once again, genetics plays a major role in who gets a thigh gap and who doesn’t.

Waist Training

Every woman wants to achieve that hourglass shape. Companies and even some celebrities see this demand and tend to advertise the use of a waist trainer to achieve that goal. However, waist training has been proven to have some very negative effects on a person’s body. This is because when a person utilizes a waist trainer day after day, their organs are pushed tightly together. This leads to indigestion issues, heartburn, and simply makes it hard to breathe properly, which your brain needs to function properly throughout the day.


Wanting to get into shape is a good thing; however, it is important to understand what is safe and not safe to attempt. Therefore, utilize the information above to creates a workout plan that will not only keep you safe but provide you with positive results.