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Keino Rutherford

Exercise & Fitness

As a healthcare professional, Keino Rutherford knows the importance of maintaining your own health and fitness, not only for the longevity of life, but also for a better quality of it. He knows that regular physical activity is key, and he encourages everyone to find a form of exercise they enjoy.

Keino Rutherford’s personal favorite form of physical exercise is swimming, an activity he’s enjoyed as a substantial part of his life since childhood. Growing up in the Bahamas, he was a competitive swimmer all throughout his adolescence. Keino Rutherford even distinguished himself as a swimmer by earning a place on the Bahamas National swim team from 1985 to 1991. Throughout his life, his all-time favorite swimming spot is in Freeport, Bahamas at the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association annual marathon, held every summer. It’s a beautiful spot in the country where he grew up, and Keino enjoys swimming there whenever he has the opportunity. 

A medical professional who is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Keino Rutherford knows that few exercises hold a candle to swimming when it comes to the physical cost/benefit ratio. While many common exercises like walking and running are high impact and can wear on the joints, swimming provides a winning combination of being low-impact while providing an excellent cardio workout — alongside providing you with resistance training as you pull your body through the water. 

Professionally, Keino Rutherford works as a hospitalist with Epic Medical Group, which includes Sherman Oaks Hospital, Encino Hospital Medical Center, and Chino Valley Medical Center. Keino works as a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician at Sherman Oaks and Encino, and he serves as Chief Hospitalist at Chino Valley. He enjoys the work he does in healthcare and the ability to positively impact the lives of others. 

While he was growing up, Keino Rutherford always knew he wanted to work in medicine. As a child, he looked up to doctors and other healthcare professionals, and when he chose that path for his career, through his hard work and his family’s support, he achieved success. Now, Keino is able to help other people focus on their health professionally and focus on maintaining his own health and fitness personally. 

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