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While exercise is a key component in muscle growth, one should not completely neglect the other components of fitness, such as low-impact workouts.

When building muscle, low-impact exercises such as rowing, walking, Barre, Pilates, and swimming are great choices as they stimulate muscle growth and weight loss. They can also speed up recovery time compared to more exhausting exercises. Here are a few tips to incorporate these workouts in your regular routine.

1. Start slowly and build up your endurance level.

To build up our endurance level, we need to start slowly and build up speed as we progress. Using a rowing machine, for example, is not just about staying fit and healthy; it can also be an enjoyable way to exercise. Use these beginning stages to refine your technique in order to prevent any injuries further down the road. Rowing is a great way to release stress and improve mental health. It can also help improve mood as well.

2. Balance out cardio, resistance training, and stretching.

Resistance training is an integral part of a fitness routine. It helps build muscle, lose weight, and improve endurance. Cardio training, on the other hand, improves the cardiovascular system. It’s important to remember that cardio exercise and resistance training are not mutually exclusive – they are both necessary to promote good health and achieve your fitness goals.

Finally, stretching should never be forgotten both before and after your workout. Neglecting it can often result in sore muscles, stiff joints, and various injuries.

3. Vary your exercise routine the first few weeks.

A varying exercise routine is important for optimal physical and mental health. Everyone should be mindful of their bodies so they can find the right low-impact workout routine that works for them. With that said, try a few different exercises every week or so. You may develop personal preferences, but it is important to keep your body guessing in terms of what will be worked on next.

Many people may find it difficult squeezing their workouts into their busy schedules. However, the right routine can be done in as little as 10 minutes a day and it can be both rewarding and fun. It’s all about finding out what works best for someone.


Low-impact workouts are great for anyone looking to improve both their physical and mental strength, and they can be done in quick sessions for those with busier schedules. Find the right kind of workouts for you, and never neglect your own physical health. Even just 10 minutes a day can be the difference between a good mood and a bad one.