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Doing stretching exercises regularly can make you more than just flexible. When you stretch every day, you can tap into many more health benefits. This is especially true if you incorporate stretching exercises with vigorous exercise and a healthy diet. Stretching can correct your posture, relieve stress, reduce bodily aches and much more.

Before and After Exercise

Before you do cardiovascular or strength training exercises, consider performing some dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches are designed to stretch the muscles to keep them from being injured during intense physical activities. Dynamic exercises keep muscles from cramping or being pulled. Stretch in a comfortable position and hold for ten to thirty seconds. The side shuffle, straight leg kick and the power skip are all examples of dynamic exercise.

After your workout, do some static exercises. These include hamstring stretches, calf stretches, bicep stretches, etc. Static stretching exercises are designed to help the muscles recover from a workout; as a cooldown routine.

Improve Bodily Circulation

Stretching exercises can help improve circulation to your muscles. A good way to start the day is with some stretching exercises, the minute you get out of bed. When you have good blood flow to and from your muscles, you will feel more energized and your muscles will be able to do more work. Improved blood circulation fights fatigue and soreness after working out.

Relieve Back Pain

Back pain sufferers should know about the pain-relieving power of stretching. If you suffer from back pain, know that regular stretching can not only relieve back pain, but it can actually help heal your back muscles. Stretching your back, thigh and legs muscles can give your back the stability it needs. Ward off back pain by doing simple stretches like the trunk rotation stretch, the child’s pose and the hamstring stretch.

Calm Your Mind

One of the best ways to calm your mind is through meditation. There are various forms of meditation, but the general idea is to make clear your mind and calm your nerves. The goal is to get to a relaxed state of mind, and stretching exercise can help facilitate this process. Stretching can be one of many methods of practicing mindfulness as a form of mental therapy.