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Swimming is a great form of exercise. It gives you a full-body workout while keeping your body cool, and it can feel more like a game than a chore. Many people around the world turn to swimming, and that’s a good thing, because there are many benefits to this exercise. Read on to find out a few of the top positive effects you can expect when utilizing swimming as your primary form of exercise.

Low-Impact Cardio

Many cardio exercises can be tough on our bodies. For example, running can cause wear and tear on the knee and ankle joints. People also can get hurt when running, either by tripping or by using incorrect form. Swimming doesn’t have as many issues as other cardio-based exercises, because there is much less impact.

Calories Burned

If you’re trying to lose weight, swimming is a great option for burning excess calories. You can burn several hundred calories per hour if you are swimming at a moderate or high intensity. Even low-intensity swimming can still burn a few calories. While swimming does not burn more calories than some other exercises, it can still be a great way to workout.

Tones All Over

Since you’re using multiple muscle groups when swimming, you may find that you tone slower, but easier, all over. This is beneficial for people who do not want to target one are, but rather, would like to improve their figure in its entirety.


One major reason to exercise is the long-term benefits it has on your heart. Heart health will become more important as you age, so it is crucial that your exercise routine gets your heart pumping. Swimming can achieve this, and can be easily modified if you need to cut down on strenuous activity.

Age Appropriate

Many exercises are not easy for all ages to participate in. For example, young children may not be able to handle weights or exercise equipment. As people age, they may also find it difficult to move their bodies in certain ways. Swimming is the perfect exercise for people of all ages. Those who are at risk of injury (such as the young and old) can stay in a shallow area near the stairs, and there is little risk of drowning that way. Therefore, if you want an exercise that you can continue to do you get older, swimming is a great option.

As you can see, swimming has many benefits. If you want to try out a new form of exercise, there is little risk when trying out swimming. You may even find that it is your favorite way to get fit.