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Losing weight doesn’t have to come in the form of heavy lifting, HIIT workouts, cardio, yoga, or other exercises that can be difficult or strenuous. It is well-known that although exercising regularly can help achieve weight loss, it is also important to maintain a healthy calorie intake. More specifically, it’s been acknowledged that in order to lose weight there must be a calorie deficit. In order to create a calorie deficit, essentially, there needs to be less calorie intake when compared to calories burned. Calories can be burned in a number of ways, such as those previously mentioned, but those are not the only ones. 

Walking is a way that can be more enjoyable and easy to burn calories. Along with a holistic approach, walking can improve our results. A holistic approach to wellness will need to also include getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated, and eating well, in combination with a workout plan to expect to see positive weight loss results. Like any exercise, walking will still require carved-out time, as the average walking of a day’s worth will not be sufficient to see any significant results. 

Fitness and nutrition coach, Ashlee Van Buskirk, suggests walking about 10,000 to 12,500 steps each day at a moderate pace in order to lose weight or body fat through walking. Aiming for this many steps can help with a great kick start to a weight-loss routine; however, according to Ashlee Van Buskirk, the number of steps for the day may need to be increased as time goes on for effective weight loss. 

Walking is a great way to promote weight loss that doesn’t feel like a boring and tedious chore. Although walking is not as traditional as other workout methods like weight training and running, walking at an aimed steps of 10,000 to 12,500 daily can also get the achieved result of weight loss. Walking is seen by professionals, such as Ashlee Van Buskirk, as just as valuable in the weight loss journey. Walking, along with a well-rounded diet, can promote the same weight loss as the more common workouts. This can be done even without ever having to step a foot in the gym.