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Because each workout routine offers unique physical benefits, it can be hard for fitness-minded persons to choose a plan that’s ideal for their specific wants and needs. The key to making the best decision is comparing fitness goals with the byproducts of various workout routines.

The following workout-routine information will make the selection process easier and more straightforward for those who are looking to get in shape.

Light Cardio is the Best Way to Take Off Extra Pounds

For individuals whose main fitness goal is to lose weight, it’s worth considering a light-cardio workout plan and a diet. It can be tempting to invest in a gym membership and hit the weights, but it might be better to explore the advantages of light cardio and proper nutrition.

Consider that the recommended daily caloric allotment is 2,000 calories. Finding about 20 minutes to walk in the morning and 20 minutes to walk in the evening would effectively burn an extra 1,400 calories per week. At this rate, and so long as proper dieting habits are implemented, the pounds will quickly shed themselves.

A Mixed Workout is Great for Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat

A mixed workout, or a workout that’s comprised of cardio and weight training, is great for those who wish to gain muscle and lose fat. Try to get as much light cardio (i.e. walking, bike riding, etc.) in as possible, but be sure to lift weights no more than four times per week.

Weight training literally breaks down muscles, which then repair themselves and become stronger; thus, rest is significant. Utilize proper form, focus on repetitions instead of weight, and target each of the muscle groups evenly. Lastly, professionals recommend that exercisers avoid lifting weights for more than two consecutive days, even if different muscles are targeted on each day.

Heavy Weights Will Pack the Muscle On

Those who are thin and wish to have more muscle should consider a heavy-lifting plan. Under this plan, an increased amount of protein is consumed (as protein helps to facilitate muscle growth), and weights are lifted religiously.

Don’t overdo it, but focus on lifting more weight, even with fewer repetitions. Try to increase the per-rep weight by two to five percent per week.

Basically, selecting a workout plan means that one is selecting the type of body that he or she wishes to have in the future. And regardless of the workout plan that’s adopted, consistency produces success.

Here’s to looking and feeling great!